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Data Analysis using FloMax

This page considers DA in the scope of the FloMax program and the export of data. For basic DA techniques, consider the Flow Book (Link on Main Page).

Data export

There are two basic ways of getting your data out of FloMax:

  • Listmode data as text files
  • Image data as, well, images.

Listmode data

The flow cytometer records data as a list (or better, a table). Each event (e. g. a cell passing the laser beam) is written into a row of this table together with its FSC, SSC and fluorescence intensity values. You can export these data for further analysis with a program of your choice.

Most of the time, you will want to export a histogram of gated data. Follow this procedure:

  • Gate and analyze the data as you wish to
  • Click on the histogram to select it. Light grey markings will appear on the edges of the histogram.
  • Click on Peak analysis and then on Export histogram and save the file.

You will get a tabulator-separated file. The first row shows the fluorescence channel, the second row the number of counts. Plot these date using e. g. Excel, GD or Origin.

For advanced analysis like 2D and 3D plots or overlaid histograms using the GDConverter, you will want to export the raw listmode data. You can set a gate (e. g. to exclude debris) and make FloMax save this pregated data together with the normal FCS file as an FCS.A file. Rarely used, ask Till if needed.

Image data

For publications, documents and theses you will want to show histograms and dotplots.

The following procedure is recommended for quick capture of image data:

  1. Load desired file in FloMax
  2. Press Print key on keyboard. A screen capture is now in the clipboard.
  3. Use an image converter of your choice to crop the image. I recommend IrfanView.

The following procedure is recommended for high quality prints:

  1. Load desired file in FloMax
  2. Print this file in a PDF printer of your choice
  3. Use PDF viewer to save a bigger image or use a vector manipulation program (e. g. Inkwell or Adobe Illustrator) to extract vector files.
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