Firefox Add-On TWiki Editor - extended


On you can find an Firefox Extension Add-On providing
  • an additional toolbar and
  • context menu entries
which allow to easily edit TWiki pages using its editor mode.

You can find the code also here


For my personal use I extended the Add-On following the hints Notes on rolling your own private version of this editor on the developer page of this extension.


Some of the additional code snippets need additional defintions which may be either placed on the topics content directly or be implemented i.e. on a higher level at the web's Preferences level, i.e. WebPreferences. They can be inserted via the Definitions menu of the TWiki Shortcuts in the context menu or the EPICS/GSI button in the toolbar.


The extended version can be found here:


  1. download the original code
  2. unzip the code xpi-file: unzip FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpi
  3. unzip the code jar-file: cd chrome; unzip twiki.jar
  4. edit the code:
    • chrome/content/twiki/twikiOverlay.xul containing two sections
      • one for the toolbar menues <tool...> </tool...>
      • one for the context menues <popup ...> </popup>
      • PICK within the tags <toolbarbutton> </toolbarbutton> and <popup ...> </popup> respectively the code is the same PICK
    • chrome/skin/classic/twiki/twiki.css containing the CSS definitions for the icons
    • chrome/locale/en-US/twiki/ containing the text definitions for text snippets
  5. have a look at the code
    • chrome/content/twiki.js the JavaScript heart of the code
  6. create new icons
    • place those icons into chrome/skins/classic/twiki
  7. zip code again:
    • new files added and changed files:
      • cd chrome/ && zip -r twiki.jar * -x twiki.jar -x *~ -x *.bak && cd .. && zip -f FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpi
    • only changed files
      • cd chrome && zip -f twiki.jar && cd .. && zip -f FirefoxExtensionAddOn.xpi
  8. open the file in Firefox via Open File
  9. install it
  10. enjoy it, hopefully

-- PeterZumbruch - 14 Feb 2008

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