Wiki upgrade in November 2020

Foswiki has been upgraded from version 1.1.9 to 2.1.6. The official release notes are ReleaseNotes01x01 (for version 1.1.10), ReleaseNotes02x00 and ReleaseNotes02x01.

Notes about the previous transition from TWiki to Foswiki 1.1 are still available here


To log in you have to use your weblogin account in short (j.doe) or email format ( It is possible that in some cases login names are not correctly mapped to existing Wiki names. If this is the case for you, please send an email to

Design & Editor

The design has been adopted from GSI's corporate design. For example the green titles have been replaced by a black font with an orange underline. Furthermore the logo and favicon were replaced. Other Wiki instances can use the GSISkin.

The default editor now is Foswiki:Extensions/NatEditPlugin. This editor helps with a WYSIWYG workflow, but mostly with using Foswiki's markup language (TML).

If you do not want to use the new editor, you can set the following setting in a web's WebPreferences or your personal topic:
   * Set SKIN = sidetoggle, gsi, pattern

The upgrade improves usability with small screens. For example the navigation bar to the left is hidden and can be used by clicking on the "burger" menu in the bottom left of the screen.


Umlauts in topic names

It is now possible to create topics with umlauts and automatic hyperlinks to such wiki words will be created.

Times in local time

Server time will no longer be shown in UTC but local time (germany). This changes for example the topic history.

Short URLs

Wiki URLs which start with /foswiki/bin or /cgi-bin will be redirected to /bin. /bin/view can be omitted. This topic can therefor be reached at


The following changes have been made to installed plugins:


The following performance enhancements have been implemented:

  • The Wiki is now controlled by FCGI instead of pure CGI
  • Topics will be cached and therefor loaded faster
  • Revision control does no longer use RCS. No deltas are saved, which makes loading old versions faster.

Web for GSI plugins and development

The web Extensions has been copied from It can be used as a repository for Foswiki plugins. All Foswiki instances at GSI can install plugins from it.


You can send comments and requests via email to
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