Migration from Twiki to Foswiki

Known problems and pecularities

logout function

Foswiki finally allows closing a session via a logout link in the upper corner of the side bar.


Foswiki opens Wiki pages by default with a WYSIWYG-Editor (not in some versions of IE). In this editor you can switch to classical text mode, which you can also get via the Edit wiki text button at the bottom of each page.

Overview over the Wiki-Webs

Prior to login, only public webs are listed. After authentication, also webs with restricted access are visible.

Personal pages

The migration to Foswiki caused changes in the personal pages, some adjustments got lost in the process.


In the HolidayList-Plugin German names for the months do not work, even after setting lang="Deutsch" (see also http://foswiki.org/Support/Question1306).

Personal adjustments

Getting rid of WYSIWYG-Editor

To get rid of the WYSIWYG-Editors permanently, you can put the following into your personal page :
   * Set NOWYSIWYG = 1

Change Look'n Feel

The PatternSkin used by Foswiki changes the look of the pages wrpt Twiki. However, the loo'n feel can be personalized such that the pages appear more similar to old Twiki.

Try changes using the SkinBrowser. The theme PatternSkinTheme2009 is close to the known Twiki. Chapter "Store theme settings" on the Theme page explains how to make this permanent.

-- ThomasRoth - 07 Feb 2014
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<!-- With LdapContrib WikiUsers becomes irrelevant -->
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