• First test-beam (Argon, 21-22 Nov 2019)
Analysis GitLab: https://gitlab.com/bblidaru/eudaq_analysis_lxplus (added the usual gsi/cern addresses for invite). Confirm it works, please.


- set hard borders for the stage controller (so we cannot exceed the physical dimension of the device, since it won't stop) --- Pascal said he will look into this
- pixel masking --- can it be reliably done online or do we do it offline. If so, one can get a run file and work on it.
- do a couple of test with a Sr source and coincidence logic (coincidence of two scintillators + 7 chips); we can get some data runs that we can take a look at remotely --- Oleg (can you help us with getting a source? some couple of data runs should be enough); I can then record these runs and perhaps with some help (?) look into some basic analysis steps.
- dig into the analysis software --- help needed; everybody is invited to take a look into it; I am cloning now the lxplus installation on some private git (github?) and give everybody access. Check the wiki in the next hour. So far, me and Pascal have it installed on lxplus.
- installing an ELOG --- me; I have sent emails to the IT dpt and I am still waiting for a reply. If by Tue morning I get no response, I start with some phone calls.
- linking the external trigger we receive from the main user with the clocks from the boards --- team effort? I try providing the timestamps from the code on an event by event basis. Oleg, can we discuss again your plan with a slow clock? I have some questions.
- given that on the day we laser-calibrated the setup, I suspect that some people stumbled on the laser device, I would maybe quickly try to check if we are still in the right area --- set the laser device downstream, right after of our setup, some 2m 30cm above and see if we are along the 18 degree line with all devices; then set the laser device parallel to our setup at 2m and see if we are level.
- do the long data taking on the new HDD (overnight?); check for what errors appear. Learn how to connect from outside the GSI network and check the log (would it help?). Having a big log of errors we could try and see our uptime.
- anything else missing? please add it here, so we can narrow the list down.

  • tests with Sr source, coincidence of the two scintillators and the chips; check chips' response;
  • ELOG
  • timestamps
  • laser (re-)calibration?
  • HV PS (scintillators) remote control


OlegKiselev, BogdanB, DariaKostyleva, SilviaMasciocchi, PascalBecht, HansToernqvist

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