Software Environment

The primary source of software installed on GSI IT's Linux computers are Debian packages. For other software or additional versions we utilize CvmFs.

Debian offers a wide variety of software packages (over 50000 according to Obviously the Linux group cannot support all combinations of those packages, therefore we had to choose some standards:

Type Standard Also installed but unsupportedSorted ascending
Office Libreoffice  
Web Browser Firefox/Iceweasel Chromium, Konqueror, w3m
Mail Client/PIM Thunderbird Evolution, KMail/Kontact, mutt, alpine
Desktop Environment KDE XFCE

The software installation lists are split in 3 categories:
  • Minimal core software installed on all Linux farm nodes
  • Development related software (libraries and headers, compilers, interpreters etc.).
  • Desktop related software (office and productivity, IDEs, etc.)

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