Interactive Linux servers

Login to GSI

  • We provide a number of interactive Linux computers that can be used to login using SSH (read SshUsage for more details).
    • If you use or one of the other pools listed below for login, it will direct you to a pool of machines and distribute users homogeneously among them (load-balancing).
  • In addition, the Linux desktop computers are provided for interactive use, too - either directly or also via SSH.


  • Users can access their home-directories on all interactive machines, as well as central file systems like /d/ (data storage) or /s/ (global scratch space).
    • These are the NFS based file systems.
  • External access for all users from outside the GSI network is provided by a dedicated pool of interactive machines (lx-pool).
  • Access to the HPC computing cluster (BatchFarm) and the Lustre file-system is provided by a pool (kronos.hpc) allowing internal login only.


Alias and RSA fingerprint Platform Connectivity KerberosSort FileSystems Batchfarm Submitter Software Environment
Debian 8 (Jessie, 64bit) Limited Internet access,
available from Internet
DONE NFS, CVMFS   Complete development and desktop software
Debian 8 (64Bit) No Internet access,
not available from Internet




Minimal software environment
Desktops (lxg…) Debian 7 and 8 Internet access,
not available from Internet
DebianJessie: DONE
DebianWheezy: On request
NFS   Complete development and desktop software
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