Instant Messaging at GSI

The main purpose of the GSI instant messaging system is the broadcast of system announcements to all users of the LinuxFarm.

As the instant messaging server we installed a jabber server (accessibly only from inside GSI and without connection to other jabber servers).

As a matter of course it offers the expected features of IM, including group chats.

IM client Psi

To join GSIs Instant Messaging system you need a client at first. On the LinuxFarm the IM client Psi is installed farm, and will be launched at (KDE) login. At the first login an appropriate configuration is automatically generated. If necessary you may also create a jabber account manually.

Psi automatically connects to the server by itself and minimize to the system tray.

info If you quit psi or change your status to offline, you will no longer receive system announcements.

Apart from the reception of system announcements you may also use psi for proper instant messaging.


In the jabber system - and IM generally - there is the notion of presence:

Connected IM users receive their messages immediately.
For those users known to the system but inaccessible at the moment incoming messages will be kept on the server.

Furthermore there are some states related to online:

Signals that the user is online, but temporarily not working with his computer. By default this state is automatically entered after 10 minutes of inactivity. Messages pop up as usual.
Not available (XA)
Like Away, but for longer periods. Automatic after 30 minutes
Do not disturb
The user is working right now, but does not want to be disturbed. Incoming messages are only signaled by a change of the system trays icon.


To exchange messages with other users, you'll have to add them to the contact list. The Jabber ID is normally his Linux username followed by the suffix

If you check "Request authorization when adding", the person to be added will be asked for admission to query his status by your client. If he accepts, you will be able to observe his status in your contact list.

This authorization is mutual in most cases and may be revoked later on.

Sending messages

You can send messages to your contacts (buddies) but also to other Jabber IDs. The messages will pop up on their screen immediately while they are online and stored otherwise until they login.

You can also start text conversations (chats).

Group chat

It is also posiible to start or join online conferences in the spirit of IRC.

To logon for a conference room you always have to enter as the conference host; Room and Nickname may be chosen arbitrarily. Non-existent chat rooms are created dynamically.


Some information to customize your Psi client is availiable on this Wiki page.

IM client Pidgin

PidginJabber describes how to set up the IM client Pidgin to connect to

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