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The KSP (Kernspektroskopie) department at GSI aims to study the structure of nuclei by studying the decays of inflight and stationary nuclei. With high-resolution gamma-ray and charged particle spectroscopy of exotic isotopes, the evolution of nuclear shell stucture and exotic nuclear shapes near the limits of stability are studied as well as heavy element nucleosythesis reactions.The department is continously developing detectors and instrumentation nessisary for these investigations as well as the associated experimental methodology. Many actvities are performed together with international partners in the DESPEC, AGATA, MINIBALL, PARIS, PANDA and other collaborations.

High-resolution In-flight SPECtroscopy (HISPEC) experiments are possible thanks to the unprecidented characterists of AGATA, the Advanced Gamma Tracking Array. The nuclei of interest are the products of Coulomb excitation, direct or fragmentation reactions made possible by the relativistic radioactive ion beams provided by the FRS (and in future the Super-FRS) beam facilities at energies 100-200 MeV /u. In the HISPEC Slowed Down Beam Campaign (SDB) these beams are slowed down to Coulomb barrier energies in order to enable multiple coulomb excitation, transfer and compound nuclear reactions, the products of which are not easily accsessible at modern ISOL facilities.

In DESPEC (DEcay SPECtroscopy) experiments, the radioactive ions are slowed down and implanted into the stack of highly segemented double sided silicon strip detectors making up the advanced implantation detector array AIDA. AIDA can be surrounded by high resolution Germanium detectors enabling the drawing of correlations between implanted ions and their beta/gamma decay products. Fast Timing detectors such as the FATIMA (FAst TIMing Array) LaBr3 (Ce) array have also used in experiments enabling time correlations to be drawn between systems enabling the extraction of nuclear lifetimes.

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