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Collection of connections and evaluation on connecting to other _control systems_

There have been and for sure will be some requests on the question “How can I read/write/monitor variables from control system XYZ?”
In some cases this is realized in writing a device support module for a soft device, in other cases it means teaching the opponent to use the Channel Access protocol of EPICS, or using an intermediate Data Access Layer, or something else.
This section summarizes and collects some existing - mostly external - solutions and trials - mostly internal - to let EPICS “talk” to “others”.

    LabVIEW® by National Instruments

    ... for details have a look at: Connecting LabVIEW® and EPICS


    ... for details have a look at: Connecting MonALISA and EPICS

    DAL by cosylab

    ... for details have a look at: Using DAL to connect EPICS to other systems

    CSS - Control System Studio by DESY

    ... for details have a look at: Using CSS - Control System Studio to connect to EPICS

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