EE related Publications before 2000

1987 H.G.Essel, J.Hoffmann, et al. GOOSY the new GSI acquisition and analysis system for experiment data IEEE TNS Vol.NS-34, No.4, August 1987, pp 907-911 RealTime87, Berkeley, Poster
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1996 E.Badura, ..., Ch.Neyer, R.Schulze et al. Status of the Pestov spark counter development for the ALICE experiment NIM A 379 (1996)468  
1996 E.Badura, ..., Ch.Neyer, R.Schulze et al. Pestov Spark Counter prototype development for the CERN-LHC ALICE experiment NIM A 372 (1996)352  
1997 E.Badura, H.Eickhoff, H.Essel, Th.Haberer, J.Hoffmann, U.Krause, W.Ott, K.Poppensieker, M.Richter, D.Schardt, R.Steiner, B.Voss Safety and Control System for the GSI Therapy Project J.Hao, A.Daneels (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1997 ICALEPCS, Beijing, Science Press, 1997, p. 555  
1998 G.Kraft, ..., E.Badura, H.Brand, H.-G.Essel, J.Hoffmann, N.Kurz, W.Ott, K.Poppensieker, M.Richter et al. First patients treatment at GSI using heavy-ion beams S. Myers et al. (Eds.): Proceedings, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol and Philadelphia, Vol. 1 (1998) 212-216 6th European Particle Accelerator Conference, Stockholm, 22-26 Jun, 1998
1998 E. Berdermann, E. Badura, C. Neyer, R. Schulze and H. Stelzer Diamond Detectors for Heavy Ion Measurements Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl.) 61B (1998)399  
1999 H.Brand, H.Essel, H.Hardel, J.Hoffmann, N. Kurz, W.Ott, K.Poppensieker, M.Richter, J.Yang Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy @ GSI - Slow Control and Online Monitoring D.Bulfone, A.Daneels (Eds.), Proceedings of the ICALEPCS 1999, Trieste, Italy, Comitato Conferenze ELETTRA, 1999, p. 394,
ISBN 88-87992-01-0

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