EE related Publications 2013

C. Ugur, W. Koening, J. Michel, M. Palka and M. Traxler Field programmable gate array based data digitisation with commercial elements Proceedings of Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics 2012 (TWEPP12)  
R. N. Wolf, D. Beck, ..., F. Herfurth, ..., D. Neidherr,... Plumbing Neutron Stars to New Depths with the Binding Energy of the Exotic Nuclide 82Zn Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 (2013) 041101  
D. Neidherr, D. Beck, H. Brand, F. Herfurth The CS framework as a control system for the HITRAP facility at GSI Proceedings of PCaPAC 2012 conference, Kolkata Poster, Proceedings
F. Wienholtz, D. Beck, ..., F. Herfurth, ..., D. Neidherr, ... Masses of exotic calcium isotopes pin down nuclear forces Nature 498, 346–349 (2013)  
V. Manea, ..., D. Beck, ..., F. Herfurth, ..., D. Neidherr, ... Collective degrees of freedom of neutron-rich A = 100 nuclei and the first mass measurement of the short-lived nuclide 100Rb Phys. Rev. C 88 (2013) 054322  
S. Kreim, ..., D. Beck, ..., D. Neidherr, ... Recent exploits of the ISOLTRAP mass spectrometer Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B 317 (2013) 492–500  
J. Stanja, ..., D. Beck, ..., F. Herfurth, ..., D. Neidherr, ... Mass spectrometry and decay spectroscopy of isomers across the Z=82 shell closure Phys. Rev. C 88 (2013) 054304
C. Ugur, G.Korcyl, J. Michel, M. Penschuk, M. Traxler 264 Channel TDC Platform Applying 65 Channel High Precision (7.2 ps RMS) FPGA Based TDCs IEEE 10.1109/NoMeTDC.2013.6658234 Proceedings of 2013 IEEE Nordic Mediterranean Workshop on Time to Digital Converters
A. Neiser, J. Adamczewski-Musch, M. Hoek, W. Koenig, G. Korcyl, S. Linev, L. Maier, J. Michel, M. Palka, M. Penschuck, M. Traxler, C. Ugur, A. Zink TRB3: a 264 channel high precision TDC platform and its applications 2013 JINST 8 C12043 Proceedings of Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics 2013 (TWEPP-13)
M. Cardinali, M. Ferretti Bondy, O. Corell, W. Lauth, B. Schlimme, M. Thiel, C. Ugur, C. Sfienti Electronics development for Cherenkov particle identification detectors for PANDA at FAIR PoS (Bormio2013)017 Proceedings of 51st International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics

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