EE related Publications Year 2006

H.G.Essel for CBM FutureDAQ for CBM: On-line event selection IEEE TNS Vol.53, No.3, June 2006, pp 677-681 RealTime05, Stockholm
H.G.Essel for CBM FutureDAQ for CBM: On-line event selection CHEP 2006 Proceedings, Mumbai Presentation
S.Rahaman, ..., D.Beck, ... On-line commissioning of SHIPTRAP Int. J. of Mass Spec., 251, Issues 2-3, special issue (2006) 146-151  
J.B.Neumayr, ..., D.Beck, ... The Ion-catcher Device for SHIPTRAP Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B244 (2006) 489–500  
P.Koczon, D.Beck, H.Brand, M.Kugler, Y.Leifels, A.Schwinn, U.Thiemer, H.Vranesic New Slow Control System for FOPI GSI Scientific Report 2005 (2006) 273  
D.Beck, H.Brand, C.Karagiannis, C.Rauth The first approach to object oriented programming for LabVIEW real-time targets IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 53, Issue: 3, Part 1 (2006) 930 - 935  
J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, S.Linev Distributed monitoring for ROOT analyses with Go4 v3 CHEP 2006 Proceedings, Mumbai Presentation, Adamczewski
S.Linev ROOT I/O for SQL databases CHEP 2006 Proceedings, Mumbai Presentation, Linev

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