EE related Publications Year 2005

J.Adamczewski, H.G.Essel, S.Linev New development in Go4 ROOT workshop, CERN Presentation, Linev
Z.Liu, ..., E.Badura et al. Decay spectroscopy of suburanium isotopes following projectile fragmentation of 238U at 1 GeV/u NIM A 543 (2005)591  
K.Koch, H.Hardel, R.Schulze, E.Badura, J.Hoffmann A new TAC-based multichannel front-end electronics for TOF experiments with very high time resolution IEEE TNS 52 (3/2) (2005)745  
D.Beck, H.Brand, S.Götte, F.Herfurth, C.Rauth, R.Savreux, S.Schwarz, C.Yazidjian The CS Framework: A Labview Based Approach to SCADA Systems Proceedings of the ICALEPCS 2005, PO1.051-6, Genf, Schweiz, 2005, ,
ISBN 2-914771-31-2
D.Beck, H.Brand, N.Kurz Die LabVIEW-DIM Schnittstelle: Das Tor zur standardisierten Kommunikation zwischen LabVIEW und einer Vielfalt von Programmiersprachen und Betriebssystemen Rahman Jamal/Hans Jaschinski (Hrsg.), Virtuelle Instrumente in der Praxis 2005, S. 20, Hüthig , Heidelberg, 2005, ISBN 3-7785-2947-1 Vortrag
A.Herlert, D.Beck, ... Mass spectrometry of atomic ions produced by in-trap decay of short-lived nuclides New J. Phys. 7 (2005) 44  
C.Weber, ..., D.Beck, ... Weighing excited nuclear states with a Penning trap mass spectrometer Phys. Lett. A347 (2005) 81-87  
C.Yazidjian, D.Beck, K.Blaum, H.Brand, F.Herfurth, S.Schwarz Commissioning and first on-line test of the new ISOLTRAP control system Proceedings of ENAM'04, Eur. J. Phys. A 25, s01, 67-68 (2005)  
D.Beck, H.Brand Status of the CS framework GSI Scientific Report 2004 (2005) 342  

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