Department Electronics RBEE, Services

Development, advice and assistance

Service Who?
Developments for Experiments EE-Web
Advice and technical assistance EE-Web
EE - developments: advice and assistance EE-Web
ASIC: design, advice H.Deppe, H.Flemming, S.Löchner, P.Wieczorek
DAQ, Multi Branch System MBS N.Kurz, J.Adamczewski-Musch, S.Linev
Go4: installation, maintenance, user assistance J.Adamczewski, S.Linev
Experiment control systems with CS H.Brand, D.Neidherr
Experiment control systems with EPICS P.Zumbruch
Field buses, safety oriented systems H.Hahn
Hardware for experiment control systems H.Hahn
Radiation hardness of electronics S.Löchner

Electronic modules: Distribution and repair

Service Who?
Repair of modules H.Hahn, K.Koch, N.Scadock
Distribution of EE - modules N.Kurz, N.Scadock
Repair of NIM and CAMAC Crates N.Scadock


Service Who?
ASIC system management H.Flemming
Layout system management G.May
ROOT: installation and user support J.Adamczewski, S.Linev
LabVIEW system management H.Brand, D.Neidherr
EPICS system management P.Zumbruch
E3 system management H.Hahn
Lynx OS system management N.Kurz
MBS system management N.Kurz

Manufacturing, material sourcing and commissioning

Service Who?
Commissioning for PCBs and cables B.Zumbach, alternatively: M.Hristova
Commissioning for mechanical components H.Schindler
Commissioning for electronics M.Hristova, altenatively: B. Zumbach
Manufacturing H.Schindler, G.Zeitträger, S.Zweig
Layout, EDA G.May, P.Skott

Other services

Service Who?
"Messstation" H.Hahn

s. also Current EE Projects

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