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Computer of the SHIPTRAP control system Central computer (APPC118) Backend computer (APPC177) Old Central computer (APPC105) (now only used for serial interfac...
Configuration of the SHIPTRAP control system This page should be the entry to the complete configuration of the SHIPTRAP control system. It is especially thought ...
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PPG 100 Installation @ SHIPTRAP This page describes how to install the PPG100 at SHIPTRAP. It is a detailed version of CsPpg100. Installation 1. Install PPG W...
NEW - 2006-11-15 - 09:10 by ChristianRauth
The Graphical User Interface for Mass Measurements The user interface is the MassMeas.exe program. It is encoded using C in conjuntion with a Borland compiler (p...
r2 - 2006-11-15 - 08:47 by ChristianRauth
Projects Using CS The following links are pointing to project specific control system documentation. Active Projects Control Systems in Production or in Commiss...
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