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CSSeqArchitecturalDesignSpecification The following UML diagrams should serve as documentation for the current design of the CSSequencer class package. Moreover I...
r12 - 2006-05-10 - 09:54 by MaximilianKugler
CSSequencer Introduction The talk concering sequencers held by Main.HerbertPichlik, Systec, during the CsWorkshopFebruary2006, provides a good starting point as i...
NEW - 2006-02-23 - 14:57 by IgorGunko
Meeting Minutes * CSSeqKickoffMeeting on February 23, 2006 * CSSeqMeeting07March2006 * CSSeqMeeting09March2006 * CSSeqMeeting04April2006 Main.Holger...
CSSequencer Proposed Solution The following class descriptions represent a first design approach for the CSSequencer package: * CSListObj * Handles hiera...
r3 - 2006-04-11 - 16:46 by MaximilianKugler
The following UML notations document the design of the first CSSequencer protottype. CSSeqExec class" width="828" height="704" / Main.Maxi...
NEW - 2006-05-07 - 14:26 by MaximilianKugler
CSSequencer ToDo List Following Tasks have to be done: * Collection of CSSeqPrimaryRequirements * Collection of Use Cases * Development on a CSProxy cl...
r2 - 2006-03-23 - 15:19 by MaximilianKugler
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