Machine Signals

The following shall give an overview of the electronic interfaces at the machine to specific signals, e.g. for data acquisition.

Timing system



The timing receiver scuxl0319 is located in electronics hutch (TH2.033), at the top of rack EX3. Besides the two B1/B2 channels on the SCU card, it contains two function generator cards type FG 900.740 with 8 digital outputs. The B1/B2 channels can be freely reprogrammed to any White Rabbit event, while the function generator cards contain a pre-defined assignment to specific events.
Channel type Function
B1 TTL Genesys: Hi-Level from CMD_EXP_DAQ_START arrowright CMD_EXP_DAQ_STOP
B2 TTL Genesys: TBA
FG1-1   in preparation
FG1-2   in preparation
FG1-3   in preparation
FG1-4   in preparation
FG1-5   in preparation
FG1-6   in preparation
FG1-7   in preparation
FG1-8   in preparation
FG2-1   in preparation
FG2-2   in preparation
FG2-3   in preparation
FG2-4   in preparation
FG2-5   in preparation
FG2-6   in preparation
FG2-7   in preparation
FG2-8   in preparation


A second timing receiver is scuxl0006 and is located in cooler HV platform, running genesys class. There are only two channels, the B1/B2 channels on the SCU card.
Channel Level Function
B1 TTL Genesys: Hi-Level from CMD_EXP_DAQ_START arrowright CMD_EXP_DAQ_STOP
B2 TTL Genesys: TBA

Beam diagnostics

IMG_4417.jpgA patch panel at the top of rack EX3 in the electronics hutch (TH2.033) is interfacing with signals from the BeamDiagnostics electronics room (connectors: BNC-50Ω) The assignment of the channels is semi-permanent and as follows:

Channel Signal DirectionSorted ascending Signal type Description
5     reserved
6     reserved
7     reserved
8 MOVED TO... Exp NIM CryogenicCurrentTransformer (CCC)
9 MOVED TO... Exp NIM horizontal IonizationProfileMonitor MCP count rate (IPM)
10 MOVED TO... Exp NIM vertical IPM count rate
11 MOVED TO... Exp NIM ParametricCurrentTransformer
12 MOVED TO... Exp NIM IntegratingCurrentTransformer integral
13 MOVED TO... Exp NIM BeamPositionMonitor integral
14 MOVED TO... Exp NIM Schottky "Span-0"
15 MOVED TO... Exp NIM CryRadio
16 MOVED TO... Exp NIM RingRF
1 Exp MOVED TO... NIM Lassie ch: YR00DA1ZA (Particle detector count rate)
2 Exp arrowright NIM Lassie ch: YR00DA1ZB
3 Exp arrowright NIM Lassie ch: YR00DA1ZC (Cooler collector current)
4 Exp arrowright NIM Lassie ch: YR00DA1ZD (Cooler platform voltage)

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