Rules for Access to the CRYRING Cave

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This page is intended to give an quick overview of the rules that regulate access to the CRYING cave under different circumstances and the safety procedures that have to be followed when working in the cave. Please also pay close attention to the more detailed instructions.

Required safety training modules

The trainings are completed online and the following training modules must be completed and annually renewed for CRYRING cave access:
  • General radiation protection instructions + annual medical exam and dosimeter with QR code.
  • Instructions for access to the AEBs (Enclosed Electrical Operating Areas)
  • CRYRING instructions
  • General safety instructions
  • General laser safety instructions - if working with or near lasers

GSI employeesexternal have to contact their supervisor to assign the required training modules.

Guestsexternal can self-register for the required training modules. Additionally,
  • If you have a dosimeter from your home lab, please bring it with you when traveling to GSI. In this case you will receive only a QR code to attach to your dosimeter. Please check your home lab regulations concerning flying with a dosimeter. Please also bring a record of your last medical exam and a confirmation of your lifetime dose from the radiation protection department in your home lab (ideally, your radiation passport).
  • If you need a new dosimeter, medical exams need to be performed on campus by our medical services, but in this case you will need to allow at least few days for the lab results to come back.
  • Please request your medical exams, QR code and/or dosimeters hereexternal.

Cave Status

Indicator light at the entrance to the CRYING cave.

The hazards and the resulting rules for access at the CRYRING cave depend on the status the cave is in. The status is indicated by the "traffic light" at the cave entrance.
led-green green access not controlled access through the door (with a key) or the access lock (with a valid QR code)
led-red red beam on no access
led-yellow yellow controlled access access possible via the access lock with a valid dosimeter
led-yellow led-green yellow + green enclosed electrical area ("AEB") access through the door (with a key) or the access lock (with a valid QR code)
led-red led-yellow red + yellow search access only for radiation safety team to search the cave
Indicator Status Meaning

Personal Emergency Alert System


When work in the cave has to be carried out alone (e.g. during night shift) the personal emergency alert system has to be used in addition to staying in contact with colleagues in the control room.

The alert system consist of a device similar to a walkie-talkie which is worn on the belt and reacts to being tilted into a horizontal position. When being triggered it will emit a warning tone and, if this is not deactivated by the wearer, it will alert gate security to a potential accident.

To use the alert system take one of the devices from their station in the cave entrance (to the right of the notice board), turn off the test tone by pressing the red button on top and attach it to your belt in a vertical position.

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